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Auto Bas Prix St-Hyacinthe

(450) 252-7373

Service in St-Hyacinthe near Granby & Drummondville 

In order to make your experience more pleasant, we offer you a package of services like access to a large inventory of parts and accessories, or body repairs.

To make an appointment with one of our services, you can simply fill in one of our online forms or you can call us directly at (450) 252-7373.

Service appointment

Schedule an appointment for service in our specialized department, and benefit from expert maintenance and repair, guaranteed!

Parts & accessories

Auto Bas Prix St-Hyacinthe has a large inventory of auto parts and accessories in St-Hyacinthe near Granby & Drummondville. So place your order now!

Body repairs

Auto Bas Prix St-Hyacinthe  offers full service repairs for all types of body work. Book an online appointment for a free estimate of your required repairs.

Service and maintenance

You only need a few minutes to book an online appointment with our service and maintenance department at Auto Bas Prix St-Hyacinthe

Business hours

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Auto Bas Prix St-Hyacinthe
7570 Laurier Ouest, St-Hyacinthe
QC, J2S 9A9
(450) 252-7373
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